Our Vision & Values


God Dependent

We seek to meet God daily through daily Bible reading and prayer. When we meet in small communities of believers or in our larger gatherings we are prayer dependant, Bible focused and Jesus centred.


Connected to Each Other

We are a Church community not a Church that simply holds services. We seek to be involved in each other’s lives by being involved in small groups. We encourage people to have a greater involvement with us than just coming to Church on a Sunday.


Involved in Ministry

We were created for God’s pleasure and to serve him.  God also requires us to serve one another. We value people of all ages and cultures. We encourage people to serve God and His Church according to Biblical principles. We graciously make allowances for people’s weaknesses and mistakes. We willingly grant permission to God honouring ministries.


Heartfelt Worshippers

We value our corporate worship gatherings to be marked by Christ centred, Biblically based and Spirit led fervour. We avoid being pigeon holed into worshipping in a certain type of way.


Disciple Makers

We desire people to be growing in their relationship with God and becoming disciples who everyday reflect the life of Jesus more and more. We encourage people to continually journey toward Christlikeness. Through biblical teaching we hope and pray for lives to be transformed not just informed.


Community Difference Makers

We believe God has planted us in this region to make a
difference and to expand his kingdom.We value reaching
out into our community so that people will hear about God’s
good news. We value serving our community so that we might reflect God’s values.


Kingdom Focused

We believe God’s kingdom is bigger than our church.
We believe our Church has a role to play in helping the spread of the gospel to the entire world. We value supporting missionaries and supporting projects that expand God’s kingdom. We are open to the leading of the Holy Spirit as we seek to intentionally advance His kingdom.