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Know God Personally


The message of the Bible is that God wants to have a personal relationship with everyone he has created.


At the very beginning of the Bible in Genesis God walks in the garden with Adam and Eve. It shows God’s desire to be close to his creation.


But it was mankind (us) that moved away from God. Adam and Eve rebelled against God and people have moved further and further away from him ever since. The rest of the Bible is a story of God inviting his people back into relationship with him; it’s a story of God’s plan to redeem humanity and central to that story is Jesus-the son of God.


In a world full of greed Jesus lives a selfless life. In a world full of hate Jesus offers forgiveness not just to his friends but also to his enemies. By his death on the cross Jesus takes upon himself every sin, everything we have done to separate ourselves from God.


In Jesus’ day the only way you could get to God was to enter the temple but only certain people could enter the temple at certain times. The temple showed there was a separation from God, God was inside the temple and we were outside. During Jesus’ crucifixion the curtain of the temple was torn from top to bottom. As if God was ripping it in half to show that God and his people don’t need to be separated anymore.


God isn’t distant from you. He is waiting and inviting you to join him in a better way of living. You can know him by inviting him to be the leader of your life. At Corowa Baptists we’d love to help you to experience what we experience everyday-A personal relationship with God.